January 15, 2013

Six Months

Ollie & I headed over to the pediatricians office for his SIX MONTH CHECK-UP!
I cannot even believe my baby is 6 months old. Ahh!
♦ Height - 26 3/4 inches {Between 50-75th percentile - no longer shrimpy!}
♦ Weight - 17 lbs. 10 oz. {50th percentile}
♦ Head circumference - 44.7 cm {75th percentile}
♦ Ollie is eating fruits & veggies like a champ.
♦ Sitting up pretty much on his own - so close!
♦ So close to rolling over back to front {front to back he has done since 2 month old}.
♦ Sleeps 13 hours straight!
Jabbers & squeals with delight all through the daylight hours.
Loves his bath time & gets ticked when it is time to get out.
♦ & one of my very favorite advancements is when he grabbed Cadbury's eyebrow hair & gave it a good yank the other morning. :)
We love this happy boy more than anything in this world! He brings us so much joy & laughter. Jordan comes home for lunch everyday so he can see our sweet boy & love on him.

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Mom said...

He is ADORABLE!!! Red is a great color on him. Keep up the good work little Mama!