August 2, 2013

Arizona Summer

We had so much fun while we spent a large chunk of our summer in Arizona  We did not intend to stay for almost 6 weeks, but that's what happened.  Jordan had a bunch of traveling he was doing for work & Ollie & I opted to hang out with family vs. go back to Tulsa...alone
Upon arrival we got to celebrate Father's Day! That weekend we went shopping with my mom and dad for some Father's Day gifts. Jordan got a new watch that he loves (along with a new wedding ring to match - He reluctantly admitted to leaving the original in Florida on one of his business trips. I guess he was nervous I would react badly. To his happy surprise I reacted with this, "Well, it's a miracle you held on to it for 6 years!" He loses stuff...A LOT!). I was able to take my dad to Ted's for the best hot dogs later that week. He enjoyed the trip since he rarely gets there on his own.
We loved hanging out with family every day!
{Aunt Beth has a jumpy castle in her basement! So fun!}

 We went to an aquarium. 
I thought Ollie would enjoy seeing all the fishies.
 He was scared of them. I had to hold him the whole time...then & only then, did he think they were cool.
Ollie slept so, SO good in AZ. Oh, blessed sleep!

He ate really good too!  

Must have been the busy schedules.
Ollie's toy of Nasty, filthy, dirty shoes.
 And boy are there lots of shoes to choose from in Arizona.
Ollie didn't understand shoes aren't just for playing with...
My brother & sister-in-law moved while we were there so Beth & I thought we would offer to babysit their five kids while they got stuff done. We ended up not being very helpful. We took all the kids swimming & Quincy slipped on some rough rocks that took layers of his face off. So sad.
Luckily, Grandma is a professional boo boo fixer.
{1 week later it was healed completely and a week after that you couldn't even tell anything ever happened. Thankfully, kids heal fast or his mother may never have forgiven us.}
Ollie got to meet his cousin, Cannon, who lives in Ohio {Boo} who is 3 months younger...Ollie might be older, but Cannon is definitely bigger!
A swarm of bees thought they would set up shop in my parents shed.
There were even more inside the shed, but I didn't risk my lift by getting a picture of them. Poor bees. They wouldn't listen to me when I told them to go pick a nice tree so, alas, they met a sad end.
Jordan came to visit us on the weekends he wasn't somewhere else in the United States. He found this sweet shirt at Target.
And last, but not least, on our final weekend in the Grand Canyon State, we celebrated the little guy's FIRST BIRTHDAY!
I made him a cake themed after The Lorax {inspiration from here}.
Thankfully, I took a picture of it {however, crummy the picture may be} because it didn't take long for the Arizona heat to melt the cotton candy Truffela trees. The inside of the cake looked more or less like this,
but of course I didn't get my own picture.
I wrapped his presents to match.
Ollie didn't care very much about digging into his birthday cupcake. He played with it more than ate it.

Happy Birthday, Oliver! 
We love you!
And some more random photos while we were living it up in Arizona.

Oh, that boy is just too cute!

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A bouncy house in the basement?! Can we come next time?! :)