November 6, 2013

It's Autumn-time

It's autumn-time. It's autumn-time.
The leaves are falling down.
It's autumn-time. It's autumn-time.
It's all around {T} Town.

It's autumn-time. It's autumn-time.
There's yellow, red, and brown.
It's autumn-time. It's autumn-time.
Bright colors can be found.
This old primary song keeps running through my head. {Listen here.}
 I looked outside this morning and knew a photo-shoot was in our future. Of course, Ollie didn't get the memo...there are some cute pics though.
One, in particular, was sooo close to being PERFECT...
{I promise there is a HUGE smile behind those leaves!}
I did get one "money shot" - - I will show it again - -
Ahhhh! Just precious!
Happy Autumn-Time everyone!

1 comment:

Mom said...

You are quite the good little photographer! I think Ollie and Cadbury did a good job too! How many times can I say Ollie is too cute?