November 11, 2013

Tantrum Relief

Right about the time Oliver turned 15 months he experimented and finally perfected "The Tantrum." I mean, PERFECTED The Tantrum! Tantrums would especially be thrown IF: his diaper was being changed, his outfit was being changed, he was being put into his highchair, being put into his car seat, being put down after being carried, coming in from being outside, if Mom went to the bathroom and closed the door, if he was told "No," if you looked at him wrong, if he hit his head on something in the middle of one of his tantrums, etc., etc. You get the idea. It has been a rough month. BUT, as quickly as that stage came, it has gone. {Phew!} For the last week, he has been so much fun it {almost} makes the last month worth it. He mimics everything we do and it just so darn cute I can't even handle it. 
He has learned where his "button" is...

 and is happy to show you where it is located. He loves being outside and exploring the backyard.

He is a goofball and is always coming up with something new to make us laugh...

or when he decided the printer/copy machine was a new chair...he came up with this all on his own, I swear...
Jordan & I were dying of laughter, but also worried for the printer - so we bought a filing cabinet for the printer to sit on. Ollie can no longer make copies of his bootie, cute as it may be. ;)
His crib was pushed as far away from the window as it would go, because Ollie would mess with the curtains...well, he recently discovered the curtains hanging on the french doors and when I thought he was asleep he was really spying on me.
So, we picked the lesser of the two evils and slid him back towards the window with the crib leg sitting on top of the window curtains to keep him from peeking outside/keeping himself awake.
The kid loves shoes. If he isn't trying them on his feet, carrying them around, or sticking them on his hands, 
he is most likely licking them. {Ewwe.}
He is teething like crazy and sometimes a Popsicle or sucker is our last line of defense.

Church is pure torture. Don't let the cute kid at the piano fool you,
Jordan usually ends up taking him to a nearby park for the last hour while I play piano for the primary. Then I listen to a screaming toddler on the ride home until he finally makes it to his crib for a nap. Just two more months and then we get to ship him off to nursery to play with the other kiddos. Yay!
I put Ice Age on the other day, since it is a favorite of mine, and the little guy needed some chill-out time. He was entranced by the opening scene with Scrat.
As soon as that scene was over though, so was his attention for it. Oh, well, I enjoyed listening to the movie while I made dinner. 
Oliver, I am so thrilled that smile is back on your face.
Thus, the smile is back on my face. Let's keep it that way buddy!

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