November 1, 2013

(Un)Happy Halloween

Well...we did have a nice Halloween. BUT the little man wasn't exactly into the day in general. 
{These sum it up.}

He was not cooperative for his photo shoot, but I did manage to get a couple decent pics that show off this cute kid of ours. His daytime costume was Buzz Lightyear!

And his nighttime costume...a chicken. :) 

I tried to make him Chicken Little, but he only wore the glasses for these pics.

We did walk around the neighborhood, 

but didn't end up knocking on any doors.  Ollie expired quickly, and ended up going to bed early. Which meant an enjoyable, relaxing evening for the rest of us! We threw a little party of our own, watching a scary movie and eating $5 tasty pizzas from Carrabbas. Oh, and I may or may not have made Jordan pick up some Krispy Kremes to fill my Halloween doughnut needs. We missed you family! You guys better have eaten enough of mom's homemade donuts for all of us!
For your viewing pleasure, or to get the full effect of a 15-month old chicken strutting around, watch this...


Briana Shepley said...

Sounds like our Halloween! :) we totally forgot to buy candy and had to turn off our lights after we had to disappoint some kids with our ugly truth. So sad! But memories, nonetheless :) he's adorable as a chicken!!

Mom said...

That is one cute little chick!

Mom said...

Ben was quite amused by these pictures, he said, "Oliver sure looks like chicken little!"