February 3, 2014

Superbowl Sunday

The weekend before my parents arrived, we had a family yard clean-up day. I raked leaves into huge piles, Ollie played in them...

And Jordan loaded them into big black bags. We enjoy the sunshine when we can get it.
Yesterday morning, we woke up and it had just started snowing. 

 {See all our black bags full of leaves and branches...}
It continued to snow all morning and afternoon. We got an e-mail confirming what we had expected...church was cancelled. So instead of making Superbowl dinner, like I had planned, I made Superbowl lunch.
Fleming's Mac and Cheese with Chicken Adobo. Then, while Ollie napped I made cookies. 
I have been wanting to make these cookies every Easter for the past two years. They may be a little premature on the Easter theme, but Cadbury Mini Eggs are my most favorite candy and these cookies did not disappoint! {Recipe found here.}
Once Ollie woke up I took him outside to explore the mysterious white stuff that was all over the yard.

Of course, the need to put the mysterious soft powder in his mouth was required to fully investigate the mystery.
I love the aimless wandering.
Cadbury did some investigating of his own...apparently this wood pile had a suspicious smell...
Check out the 'snow'tee {that's a plan on the word goatee for those of you who didn't catch it}.
AND is that a mountain goat on the wood pile or Cadbury?!
Ollie sure liked exploring the back yard, like always.
BUT, all good things must come to an end, so I bribed him indoors with a cookie.

 We sort of watched the game, but were more interested in the commercials, 

 which, like the game, were disappointing, for the most part. It was a pretty awesome day though and I am not complaining. 
Today, the snow is all but melted, but supposedly there is more on the way tomorrow. A few more weeks of winter...we will survive!

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