March 28, 2014

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Jordan turned 29 yesterday! 
I think he had a pretty good day. Ollie and I brought him lunch {since work is keeping him more than busy lately}. Later, I made Jordan's favorite lasagna {just like his mom makes it}. Then I sent him on a scavenger hunt for his presents! {Why not?! He's only in his "twenties" for one more year.}

He only needed to play the "Cold/Warm" game once to find one of the presents when he couldn't figure out the riddle. I'm so proud of you babe! ;)
AND the grand finale led him to the freezer...
for the Ice Cream Cake of the Century {per request by the birthday boy}!
We followed up eating a piece of that cake by taking a nice long stroll in the neighborhood.
I hope you enjoyed your special day, Love. Happy Birthday!
Ollie LOVES all the balloons! 
Pictures that didn't make the cut: I am mad they are so dark {I lightened them up as much as I could} cause Ollie's face is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.

{Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Rogers for all the balloons!}


Mom said...

Looks like you planned a fun birthday for Jordan. Looks like he enjoyed it too!

Sharon said...

What a fun day for Jordan! Thanks for making him feel so special. I'm glad Ollie liked the balloons!