March 12, 2014

First Words

At the beginning of last week, we invited the missionaries over for dinner. Oliver did what he does best with new people, stares them down.
 In an attempt to get the little guy to warm up to them, one of them handed Ollie a pass along card with a picture of Jesus on it.
After they left, I set it on the counter, forgetting about it. Throughout that week, Ollie had been paging through the pages of our Ensign and I would point out more pictures of Jesus. At the end of the week, Ollie spotted the pass along card on the counter so I handed it to him. I was holding him and talking to Jordan. All of a sudden we stop talking because we both just heard Ollie very clearly say Jesus, pointing to Jesus on the card. 
{A proud moment for Ollie's mother.} ;)
Ollie is learning new words every day. He currently says:
Spongebob {Ooombob}
Bottle {Baba}
Grandpa {Both of these sound like Mama, only slightly different.}

He says other things, I just haven't gotten the ear quite yet to understand exactly what the heck he is saying sometimes.
What else have we been up to...
Target trips...
Ollie had his first taste of popcorn...
 and liked it.
He LOVES baths & as you can see, amuses himself...
The weather has turned LOVELY - which means playing outside, A LOT!

Cadbury got a spiffy new collar...
Ollie LOVES shoes {we all know this already}, BUT he finally has long enough legs to stomp around in Jordan's boots...
 {A REAL cowboy always has his trusted blankie.}

Oh, and he thought he would wear my slippers while taking a ride on Dusty...
Dinosaurs like to go for rides too!
The extra hour thanks to Daylight Savings, has not been an easy transition. {AKA - up late, awake early = crazy baby. Blah!}
And finally, this morning, Ollie pulled out this book about Thanksgiving. It has a turkey puppet that wiggles around when you put your finger in its head...
I guess he doesn't remember it because he was totally creeped out by the moving turkey head and chucked the book across the room when he first saw it. He is still unsure whether he likes it or not.
That pretty much sums everything up. 'Til next time! 

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