February 28, 2014

Little Man

Everyone keeps telling me Ollie no longer looks like a baby, but a little man.
It is true, he is growing up and looks like a big boy now.
Yesterday, was his 18 month check-up {a month late} and our boy is tall and skinny.
*Weight - 24 lbs. 15.5 oz. {53%}
*Height - 34 inches {84%}
Thankfully, Ollie only had to get one shot versus the four he got last time.
After Ollie's appointment we dropped in to the hospital next door to say hi to Uncle Gary and Aunt Kathy who are unfortunately held up there while Gary gets his heart fixed up. On the way home I stopped by Raising Canes for Ollie's favorite meal of all time, chicken nuggets and french fries. There's nothing a good meal can't fix.
This guy is so full of personality. He keeps us on our toes.
 Stopping to make a face for the camera while he eats. Cute, Oliver.
While he looks grown-up, he is most certainly my baby still...
Like this morning, when I got lots of snuggles after the little dude took one too many steps on the couch and face planted it into the coffee table. Ouch.
Thankfully, these little humans are resilient creatures and heal quickly. ;)
We love you, Big Boy!

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