July 3, 2014


For 25 years of my life they were known as 'Dust Storms.' Then, the year we moved to Tulsa, they started calling them Haboobs
Whatever, they are cool AND they can't cause me bodily harm {well, not really}. They might make your pool filthy and spread dead plants everywhere, 
but they aren't going to rip my house to shreds or completely mangle my car. That is what I like love about Arizona. Mother nature is not going to kill me {assuming I use a small amount of common sense}. Maybe you shouldn't be out riding your bike...
which reminds me of this video...
Mom and I had just enjoyed watching the Petey's swim meet. It was a lovely 108 degrees and got a little sweaty. We decided we deserved a shaved ice afterward, but as we drove closer to this beast, 
Mom wimped out and turned the car around. We didn't make it home before it hit us, but two minutes of gusty winds is more entertaining than scary.
No worries...

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