August 13, 2014

Turning TWO Means...

Turning TWO means...
giving up baby habits. For Oliver, that meant saying goodbye to his bottle and binkies. 
Maybe I was a little harsh in the fact that I chose to eliminate these beloved items on a whim and both on the same day. 
I was probably as nervous about it as he was confused, 
BUT my boy is a champ and pretty much doesn't care that he has said his goodbyes. Hooray! So, thank you, for being there for us for these past two years, 
{especially comforting Ollie in times of strife}
 {Look closely. "Owwwe!"}
but we don't need you anymore. ;)
I don't know what the correlation of sleeping without a binkie and having some crazy cool bedhead is, but this is how my Ollie guy woke up today after his nap.

Turning TWO also means tantrums. More specifically, tantrums in public places. Like Sam's Club, when it was time to say goodbye to this sweet ride.
Turning TWO means, your inexperienced mother uses you for practice when shes learning how to cut hair.

Thank goodness you are only TWO and that means your hair is guaranteed to grow back...{above your ear when mom snips off your entire sideburn. Oops!}
Somehow, turning TWO also means, you believe clothing is optional. You have definitely been upping your streaking game. If Ollie gets his shirt dirty or wet he insists it come off. So when it rained cats & dogs yesterday, he stripped it down to the essentials. 
I stopped him from taking it all off, but I didn't stop him from showing off his muscles.
It definitely needs to rain more often. Free entertainment at its finest.

Most importantly, turning TWO  means, your mom has survived TWO years of your crazy & most of the time cute antics and she needs a break. Thanks for booking my flight to Denver Ollie, you know just what I need!
{This pic was taken pre-adios to the binkie...obviously. But I really am going to Denver. In ONE week. ALL. BY. MYSELF. !!!!!!}

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Sharon Mae said...

We've loved his two years on earth, too! I hope you had a great time in Denver!