August 27, 2014

Vacation for One

I gave myself the weekend off and flew to Denver to hang with my seester!!! Boy, oh, boy, did I have a grand time. I had such a good time and Jordan took such great care of my boy that I think I should do this quarterly. {Sound like a plan, Jordan?!} 
Elyce took me for ice cream {my fave} 
at the cutest little ice cream shop ever. It's a milk can.
I am still drooling over the Honey Almond & Banana Chip flavors I devoured. So tasty!
We walked past this cute house on the way. 
Adorable. Why oh why do they not make houses like this anymore! Cryin' shame!
We did some shopping, walked around a fabric store & saw a movie. Then after dinner on the drive home, we oohed & ahhed at the gorgeous sunset. 

The next day we shopped some more, had a yummy, relaxing lunch {with a gorgeous view}, chatted a few hours away, then met up with Anita {who unfortunately worked that morning & afternoon} and went to the Denver Botanical Gardens. 

There was a special Chihuly exhibit that we wanted to check out. Wowzers!

The weather could not have been more perfect. 
Elyce informed me we walked 8 miles that day {thanks to her fitbit}. So I think we deserved to spoil ourselves with a fabulous meal at Elway's.

 Well hello there homemade ding dong! Don't mind if I do!
Before I caught a flight home the next day, we layed out by the pool, had lunch, and chillaxed. I even took a short nap. It was a perfect trip - thank you ladies for revitalizing this tired mama!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...Ollie didn't miss me for one minute. He took the car for a spin around the block {not really, obviously}.
He hung out with Beth & Drake
where he danced to 'What Does the Fox Say' - his favorite thing to do over there.
Went swimming with some new friends {Ginny & Stephen were babysitting their nephews & niece and invited my boys over to play}


And ate dry cereal with a spoon. Weird. 

I took this the first morning I got back/first time seeing Ollie in a few days.
He seems happier to see me in the video than he actually was. The video doesn't show him repeatedly asking for "Dada" and pushing me away. :(
Shoulda stayed longer! Oh, and next time, Jordan, maybe don't have as much fun so the little guy actually misses me!

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