June 14, 2015

Memorial Day in St. George

Since we've moved back to Arizona, it has been our goal to make a visit to Jordan's grandparents in St. George. They are our only living grandparents and we really wanted Oliver to see his great-grandparents. We finally decided Memorial Day weekend would be the perfect weekend. Oliver did great in the car and never complained about the 8 hour drive {usually only 7 hours, but add a toddler and it slows things down a bit}.
Watching movies...
 He did start to go bonkers around the 7th hour, but so did I.
 Oliver slept in a cot next to us and did so so...
most of the nights...
Can you imagine if you or I slept like that?!  I wouldn't walk for years.
It was so nice to see family we hadn't seen in years.
Grandma & Grandpa Stephenson are both now in their nineties! I hope I look this fabulous at 80!
My first time meeting Uncle Spencer - I quickly became a fan. He is such a sweetheart & his wife Pam was a perfect hostess.
We walked around the temple grounds. It is such a gorgeous temple. One of my faves.

 Time for a nap...
Oliver had such a fun time playing with new cousins.
Ollie & Jax were fast friends.
 Even Especially on vacation when you are two, your mom finds new 'time-out' spots. {'Time-Out' works so well for this kid. He re-groups and always comes out of his "two minutes" more reasonable."
 The view in the backyard overlooks St. George. Ollie loved playing out there...and Jordan loved retrieving whatever Ollie through overboard.
The drive home went just as well. Never a complaint from this dude.
I am so grateful we were able to finally visit. I love going on trips and making memories with my boys.

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Sharon said...

Great to see all your photos!! I'm so glad you got to see great grandma and grandpa. They loved it.