June 9, 2015

What We Do In the Summertime

Right before school got out we had the privilege of officially gaining another cousin. Hayes' adoption finally happened and it was a great day...
{Jordan was there too, but had to get back to work before we took pictures.}
We love that cute dude!
Now that summer is upon us, we take any opportunity we can to play in water. Ollie loves when irrigation comes during the day and he gets to play in it.
 Irrigation is just one giant bath {minus bubbles & soap...plus stinky & grassy water} so why not play with your bath toys?
 Cadbury doesn't need his water dish as badly as Ollie needed something to stand on, right?!
We discovered Olive Garden has the best kid's menus.
On days that are too hot for my liking we stay cool indoors. Oliver decided he was a ghost the other morning. He loved 'scaring' me.
A game of hide-'n-seek...

Speaking of hide-'n-seek, I couldn't find Woody's hat one morning until I found it in the most obvious {to a two-year old} spot. On the hat rack!
Duh, Mom!
Lately, Oliver has been calling people his "best buddy." He puts his arm around you and pats your back while he says, "Mamma. You're my best buddy." I've learned not to let it go to my head because the next minute Ben could be his best buddy. Or Cadbury. Or Drake. Or even an inanimate object. So...yeah.

I've also heard him say, "What you thinking? Are you kerrazzy?!" I honestly don't know where he picked that up, but it's hilarious.
He has also been busy perfecting his painting skills.

On extra special days, I make pancakes
...those aren't pancakes...these are though...
or cinnamon rolls
and Oliver gets to play with Drake - his "best buddy" in the whole world {except for his dad}.
Just add water and Oliver thinks he's died and gone to heaven...

Unless the addition of water means swim lessons. He is not a fan.

Turn your scowl off buddy.

We have had some nice rainy weather the past few days and we have enjoyed playing in the rain.
Ollie was so excited to see this rainbow!
If there is a puddle, you better believe Oliver Rogers is going to sit in it.


Angelic little rascally rabbit.
After a    l  o  n  g    summer day, Ollie enjoys his baths.

Mommy {Me} has been busy helping grandma piece/iron/sew together quilts. This is her Downton Abbey quilt...
which has been rearranged & rearranged again, but is finally sewn together and waiting on the back to get here.
I tried out my Carrabba's cookbook and made their Fried Zucchini with Roasted Aioli, which was delicious, but more work that I like to think about.
Big Daddy is finally getting his cataracts fixed. He had surgery on one eye a couple weeks ago and the other eye is scheduled for the day after tomorrow. Ollie called him "Pirate Bapa" when he wore this patch.
That's it for now. Can't wait for another day of swim lessons tomorrow & another afternoon playing in the irrigation that is scheduled to arrive mid-morning!

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Sharon said...

I didn't think he could get any cuter than when he was one, but then two...