June 1, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I had just walked in the door after our day-long trek to Out of Africa when who popped out of the dark hallway to give me a hug?!?...my sister!!! Elyce came for Mother's Day weekend & I was ecstatic to see her. She flew in the night before and hadn't known of our day-long excursion. No wonder mom and Beth kept bugging me about when I was going to be home. We went out to eat that night, just us girls. The next morning Elyce gave Ollie what he now calls his "present hat." She & Anita brought it back from Atlanta for him. He wears it daily and like I said, calls it "my present hat."

Mother's Day was a nice day. We went to Chris & Heather's for dinner and visited with family. Jordan gave me my first ever professional massage - I went the Tuesday after Mother's Day & fell in love. Why had I never had one of those before!?!

 Mother's Day 2015

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