September 13, 2015

Colorado With the Fam

We scored tickets to Denver a few months back. For all three of us, it cost $180.00!! I had left over Southwest Gift Card money from Jordan's work Christmas party, some Southwest credits, and they had an awesome deal with $47 one-way flights. It's seriously a joke how easy it was flying with Oliver now-a-days.
{Compared to the days him & I flew two dozen times back and forth from Tulsa to Phoenix when he was a young wart hog baby and it sucked BIG time.} He watched a movie on my phone, ate peanuts & pretzels, and sucked on apple juice. Piece. Of. Cake.
I actually read a book.
I longed for being able to read a book on an airplane when I had to entertain him in one square foot of space for three hours and I was finally able to do it. Win!
We were anxious to see Elyce & Anita's new house. They moved in about three weeks before we showed up and were very gracious to let us party there for a week. We did lots of awesome things. My favorite was going to Red Rocks Stadium 

for a Piano Guys concert.
"Aunt" Kendria {my sister Beth's bff} who happens to live in Elyce's new neighborhood got suckered into watching Oliver while we went. He didn't even miss us & thankfully fell asleep in a pack & play until we picked him up late. Thanks, Kendria!!
{LJ & Snoopy kept him entertained...or he kept them entertained.}
First we got oober spoiled with all you can eat sushi - always been a dream of ours - and it didn't disappoint. Then we hiked into red rocks which is about a 20 minute hike.  We had great seats in the 14th row. It was extra special because they were filming the concert for t.v. so they pulled out all the stops for the show. Oh, and it was completely sold out so with 9,500 people

and absolutely gorgeous weather. It was such a fun night.
My favorite song was their version of a song from the Kung Fu Panda soundtrack - seriously so, so pretty. Thanks for providing the most fun we've had in quite a few, Elyce & Anita!
That weekend we went to Pirate's Cove which is pretty much a waterpark for toddlers. It was a dreamland Oasis and I am super jealous Arizona, of all places, doesn't have such a place. It was 10 bucks to get in and pure awesomeness. Oliver, being skin & bones, was freezing cold the first two hours and needed lots of cuddle time with his parents and a towel, but once the afternoon heat warmed things up more, he had a blast. Afterward, we went for ice cream at my absolute favorite ice cream place ever, Little Man Ice Cream {I've talked about it on my other trips to Denver}. We also went to the Denver Zoo which had super awesome habitats, nice shaded walking paths, and was all around, right up my alley.
One day we were going to head to the nearby shops and splash pad, but Jordan accidentally gave Oliver a melatonin gummy instead of his usual daily vitamin gummy. That was a little bit entertaining to watch and kind of sad. Ollie was checked out the rest of the day and spent it in his jammies, lying on our bed, watching t.v. half asleep.

Poor dude. The melatonin went through his system by the time bedtime rolled around so he was up until 11:30 that night. Not cool.
We took advantage of their nearby gorgeous park...


 Rolling down the hill usually ended with a crash and some ouchies at the bottom, but it was fun on the way down.
 One night we had some tasty pizza, but Oliver was less than impressed and refused to eat it.
He will only ever eat garbage Little Caeser's Hot 'N Ready and Sam's Club. Whatever floats your boat, Oliver.
Before we left, we found these cute Itty Bitty's at the Hallmark store that Ollie fell in love with, of course.

Not pictured: more yummy cuisine and treats, organizing book shelves and pantry shelves, gorgeous weather, and a three-day long search for Woody's hat - which ended with my palm to my face, duh, moment. I love visiting Colorado and hanging out with my sister. Thanks for spoiling all of us and making our lives fun!
Cadbury was excited to have us back. He always pouts when the suitcases come out. Here he is the day we left...
We missed you too, Gruby Tuesday.

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