September 16, 2015

Totally Random Post About August

We started off August with Oliver's three year checkup.
Stats: Weight - 31.5 pounds {40th%}
Height - 40 inches {80th%}
Tall & Skinny

 During one of our many monsoon storms, Jordan took his brother, JJ, 4-wheeling and saw an awesome thunderstorm and flash floods.
 He was also able to do his annual 'Square Reunion' with his three besties in Zion's. They hiked Angel's Landing...
 How 'bout them switchbacks...
They also hiked the Narrows and the Wave {those are the nicknames, I can't recall their real names} and came home with tans and plenty of sore muscles.
The day Jordan left I was emptying the dishwasher, bent over to pick something up and when I stood back up the cabinet door had swung directly above me.
I can't remember the last time I had a goose egg, but it gave me more sympathy for Ollie when he gets one.
After 4 days without Jordan/Daddy we were thrilled he came home to rescue us from too much Mother/Son time together.
{He came home shortly after the above picture...phew!}
Tia Rosa's finally re-opened and we are happy about it..!!

 Check out this furry back of Ollie's. I love to pinch those fine little hairs between my fingers.
Minion goggles for $3 at Target...
Grandma & Grandpa Shill gave Ollie these blocks for his birthday. I like to build and Ollie likes to destroy.


 Literally, the only time Oliver has EVER fallen asleep on the couch...

Ollie loves his cousin Kane. He especially loves him when he has such a cool hat.
I got to babysit Baby Jane one day. She has gotten so big.
 Adorable as ever.
Our fabulously talented & endlessly generous ex-neighbor from Tulsa sent a special care package.
I miss visiting with them and it kills me that Rio & Oliver would absolutely love playing together now that they are older.
I taught Ollie the letters in his name.
He has picked it up quickly and now knows the letters in his full name. His favorite letter is "y" and he points it out whenever he spots it.
 Our neighbor makes cinnamon rolls any day it rains - a worthy tradition in my book. This batch was as big as your [Ollie's] face...
 I may or may not have helped Ollie complete his.
Just an awesome outfit...
 In need of a haircut...
 Haircut complete...
"It's a baby Donald hat."
That completes the bullet points of August.
I can't believe the summer is almost over. Last night was the first night I woke up in the middle of the night and felt a slight chill in the air. I love fall and I love the holidays, but I can't help but feel time is slipping through my fingers.

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