September 10, 2015

Oliver Goes Camping

Jordan informed me he would be taking Oliver camping the first weekend in August. I had my reservations about it {mostly the fear of my baby being eaten by a bear}, but threw my hands in the air and said "okay." It was a lot of work the day of and as soon as they got home - they were gone for about 15 hours - and I asked Jordan if it was worth it.
 He thought about it for a few hours before he replied, "Just playing with him in the tent before bedtime made the rest worth it."

I personally think the trip was worth it all for this picture alone...
When Ollie woke up in the morning {he slept from 10:30 - 8:00} he came out of the tent quite obviously confused as to where he was...and what happened to his arms {just kidding}. I like that he has a Band-Aid on each knee. Everything about that picture is just perfect. It screams, Dad is in charge - and not mom.
Jordan's last companion from his mission just moved here from Utah and has a son Ollie's age, so they went too. Also, Jordan's best friend from Junior High, High School, and beyond brought his sons plus his brother and son. It was a camping party.
 I am glad no one got eaten by a bear. I am also glad because on their way home they stopped in Payson and picked up some fudge for me. Thanks boys! When is the next trip?!

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