March 19, 2016

Allergies, Colds, & Strep Throat

In January, things started to warm up (seasonally REALLY early) and we were either sick or in between sickness. We laid pretty low. 
 A rare outing to the park on a 'not sick' day and Jane came too!

Lucy and Nora had a dance recital one Saturday afternoon so I ditched the boys and went to enjoy the show. Jane LOVED the music and danced her little heart out the entire time.


Those are all the pictures I have from January. Like I said, low key.
In February, sickness still plagued us.

 Ollie got strep throat, but once he was cured of that we've been well since. Hallelujah! I took him to Jamba Juice once and he liked about two sips of it and then was over it - how he reacts to most foods.

One morning, Oliver went from sleeping until 9 or 9:30 {what he has done for a long, long time} to waking up at 7 - 7:30 every morning since. This picture was taken from the first time I found him playing in his room and scavenging for food from the kitchen.

I found my old stash of Lego's and obsessed over building an awesome castle for the next 24 hours. 


 Another park excursion on a well day.
 For Valentine's Day I made sugar cookies. I gave Oliver a cookie and he ate the frosting off the top. Then he ate the cookie. A little unconventional.
And A LOT messy.

 Trying on Bapa's glasses...

 Seriously, Ollie - never grow up. When he is 16 and asleep, I am going to sneak in his room and put Tupperware on his head to remind me of these days.

My handsome little Valentine and I on Valentine's Day!

 Lots of indoor activities during this time of sickness. Many a forts were built, played in, and destroyed.

Ollie loves The Lego Movie {as do his parents - it is quite clever} and we found this for a steal of a deal one evening. Ollie loves to play with the "double decker couch."
 A trip down to dad's property to watch all the big tractors and bull dozers make the land look beautiful again.
 It had been a while since I bought Cheetos...
 Along with waking up earlier, Ollie has changed his tune on Cadbury. While he used to be totally impartial to him, he has finally become his best buddy. He loves to take naps with him, pat his head, give him treats and tell him "Who's a good boy?!"
Ollie got well from strep and I got my allergies under control just in time for our Disneyland trip!!!
More to come!

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