March 24, 2016

The Week Before Easter

Easter falls on Jordan's birthday this year. More accurately, Jordan's birthday falls on Easter this year. I feel like both snuck up on me. Last night we decorated Easter eggs. Ollie was a tinge bit under the weather and somewhat grumpy.

 He did enjoy putting faces on these egg guys though, mostly.
It has been quite hot, but the last couple days have been gorgeous. We spent most of our time outside yesterday. Ollie really wanted to play a game of hopscotch, so I obliged.

 Then later that day, we got irrigation. Ollie excitedly pulled out his rain boots and b-lined it for the water.

I remember doing this exact same thing as a young'un. I loved playing in the irrigation. I would b-line for my swimsuit and play in that stinky water as long as it lasted. Unfortunately, the thirsty ground drank up this water in about an hour. So we headed back inside and we will have to wait another two weeks for the fun to start again.

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