March 23, 2016

Riding Solo

One day, Ollie wanted to go play at Grandma Rogers' house. He really wanted to ride his bike down the street and I really wanted to drive so I didn't have to walk the whole ten houses back after dropping him off. {Yes, a little lazy, but mostly, just trying to take advantage of being kidless.} I told Ollie I would drive the car next to him while he rode his bike. He started to cry and got really scared. I told him he would be okay, and that I knew it was a little scary, but I knew he could do it. He wiped off his tears and timidly agreed. He started off super slow, but I encouraged through the window and told him he was doing so good and he could speed up. Little by little he sped up. Once he got to grandma's driveway, he hopped off his bike and was beaming with pride. "Mom! You said I could do it and I DID it!" It was really the first time {maybe minus learning to go potty} he had experienced such pride and accomplishment in himself. It was awesome.
He is awesome.

 {New neckties are coming...he has outgrown what he has, obviously. The perfect Easter basket stuffer.}
And thanks, for Ollie-sitting grandma! I don't think he had enough fun though...


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