November 7, 2017

Colorado and California

We kind of went on separate family vacations in October. I took Edison to Colorado and Jordan took Oliver to California. It kind of just worked out that way, but we each had fun. We will have to plan something together now.
The morning Jordan and Ollie left we saw this in the sky. Chick-fil-A hot air balloon! Too bad they weren't dropping breakfast biscuits...those things are so good.

 I got the boys out the door and was ready to pack for me and Eddie. I hate flying with babies, but this guy was amazing.
 Not one peep out of him the entire flight. We flew in and went to bed. We woke the next morning and drove to Colorado Springs to let Lindsay meet Edison. We also ate a cheese bomb which was almost as good as seeing Lindsey.
 This guy was a pretty good little traveler.
 We went to Chuy's and I made sure to send pictures and updates to Jordan to make him super jealous.
 It didn't disappoint. I love Chuy's. Please come to Arizona!
 Mostly this guy loved hanging around the house and smiling at everyone.

 Elyce & Anita sure loved having this guy around and I sure loved having peeps around who loved and adored him as much as I do.

I must have deleted the pics of the spawn of satan puzzle we did all weekend. It was seriously so evil. It took me every extra minute and I didn't even get it done before we left. So hard. So stinking hard. I hope it becomes part of a bonfire someday.
As soon as Jordan and Oliver got to Oceanside they headed to the beach even though it was little chilly they played until dark.
 Daisy and Ollie get along great and I am so bummed they don't live here...or we live there. Daisy is cold...
 I'm sad I didn't get to see these two together play on the beach, but I know they had a blast and we will just have to plan another trip where we get to come.

 Jordan loved having his parents there to help with Oliver so he could chill out and relax and chat with Jenni - who is a great person to just sit and chat with. I love this pic...

 After some fun days at the beach they spent a day back in Temecula and then headed for home.
It was a nice break from our usual day to day tasks. I'm ready for a joint vacay though.
Thanks everyone who made these trips happen - our families spoil us daily!

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