November 6, 2017

Dog Sitting & First Haircut

I love how babies sleep with their hands up as high as they can reach - - which isn't very high.
 That curly cue on top is getting quite long...

  Oliver comes home from preschool with the cutest darn things. It is literally impossible to part ways with any of his crafts.

 Cadbury cuddled as close as he could to the babe - Edison doesn't seem to mind the company.
  I made a sign for Beth's kitchen...
 The MUSCLE! Ha!
 Oliver's primary program went well. His part this year was "I can prepare now to go to the temple." Good job buddy!
 So while everyone went to the beach/Disneyland for October break, we hung out here, at home, and babysat Ozzie. Buddies...
We made monster fruit - thanks Grandma for the cute idea
Cadbury - "I'm too old for this..."
 My sweet boys!
 Oliver begged to go to Bahama Bucks for weeks and I finally made it happen one day.
 We built lego's - Dru's sweet ride from Despicable Me 3 to keep ourselves busy while everyone was away.
 We met dad at a park near his work one day for pizza and play. It was hot.
 We ditched the baby with Grandma and gave Oliver some Goofy Golfing and movie time. He made two holes in one. Jordan made zero. Seriously, this kid has coordination and he doesn't get it from me!
 Trying baby out in the Bjorn again and he likes it a little better than a few months ago.
 He likes looking in the mirror at that cute baby who stares back.
 Uncle JJ likes to hold this chunk. That's Ozzie's pee/sleep area behind them.

 Keeping watch for the mailman.
 Officially found his thumb...

 That hair is getting out of control!

 Once Ozzie's family came back Cadbury slept for about two days straight. He isn't the puppy he used to be.
 My mom finally said, it was time for a haircut and I kind of have a thing against parents getting so attached to their kids baby hair that they can't see how much cuter they would be with a little trim. So I took this after his nap that day and said "From drab... fab!" 
 Beth came to the rescue and quickly got the job done. He didn't even cry - which is better than his big brother who whines and cries every time it's time for a cut.
 Now - it is time for our vacay!

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