November 7, 2017

Halloween 2017

A couple weeks before Halloween I tried this old puppy dog costume of Oliver's on Edison. It was a little big, but got some cute pics anyway.


All month long Oliver came home with these awesome things from Miss Sally's.
 Jane's birthday was the 25th. Ollie probably thought it was his birthday because he got to do all sorts of fun things. They went to this Halloween house
 and say Kane and Hayes there!
 They went to the zoo!

 Amazon Deal of the Day was this sweet Lego set and jammies that made his day.
 Along with a mini pumpkin from the store and he was quite pleased.
 He had a blast at his Halloween preschool party.
Miss kitty on the left has quite the crush on that cute boy Oliver.
 I have a crush on this little Moana. Audrey and her mom did a great job. She is so stinking cute!

 On Halloween day we met up with Jane, her mom, and grandma for Cafe Rio Taco Tuesday. I brought Jane home with us to play!
 Best cousin buddies!

 Oliver was a knight in shining armor!

These Cleopatra's are the cutest...
 Mom made spudnuts!
Edison wasn't a fan of the business of the day. He wore his Peanuts jams and did a little walk around the block with us, but was over it after a half hour. I didn't even take his pic because he was either sleeping, eating, or a little grumpy. Oliver had a fun evening though and was grateful for leftover spudnuts for breakfast the next day.

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