April 11, 2018

November, December, January

Our computer ran out of memory, so pictures are backed up and until JJ gave us his amazing computer with so much more than we could dream of ever using, things have been stalled.
So here are highlights of what has been going on in our home last November, December, and January.
 Thanksgiving with the Shill's!

Eddie babe turned 5 months old!

 and keeps getting chunkier and chunkier!

We visited our grandparents to deliver poinsettias at Christmas. 
Oliver had his Christmas preschool program which did not disappoint. We love Miss Sally!

 How cute is this Christmas present she gave Oliver?!
He came home everyday with something just as cute, check out this elf friend he made. Oh, and yes, we wore shorts all winter long because it didn't get cold until a few weeks in February. Sad.
We went to temple lights with cousins and with friends.

 The backside of this baby is as cute
 as the front side.
 Getting too big for his swing, so it was retired.
 Looking slick after bath time...
and loving Christmas jammies, which he still wears now...in April.
 Speaking of bath time...we finished the hall bath/shower!!! Now it just needs a new toilet and the nightmare will be over.
 Oliver especially was SO excited to get to take a bath for the first time in months.

 Edison didn't even know what a real bath was until about half a year old, poor guy!
 He approves!
 Back to Christmas...we had some Home Depot money left to get this modest tree. I love the smell of Christmas tree and Oliver loved decorating it.
 We made out first gingerbread house and I was grateful a $9 craft entertained a five year old big brother for 3+ hours. He eventually ate the candy throughout the coming weeks a little at a time. Delicious?
 Back to the cutest baby...
 smiles and rolls for days!
And now, here to tell us the weather, is Ollie Rogers...just kidding, but check out this dapper dude.

 My mom and I made 400 {if my memory serves me correctly, which it probably doesn't} cookies to give to neighbors and friends this year. It was a good day.
 Edison tried rice cereal for the first time and...
 likes it!
 Love this little person so much. Oliver always says, "Mom, he is just cuter than a nacho!"
 We had the annual Mexican food eating contest, I mean Christmas Eve Dinner with the Shills.
 There were also games, such as - here is a pile of stuff now who can make the best santa.

 He obviously liked dressing as a wise man more.


  At the annual Rogers Family Nativity baby Jesus was a show stopper. I think baby Jesus didn't stay awake long enough for the Shills, now that I think of it.
 I mean, COME ON - this baby is ridiculous!
 Aunt Heather thought of everyone and got Old Cadbury a Christmas chew toy! He was so excited it was like he was a young pup again.
 We left cookies & milk for the big guy and Ollie insisted he put together the puzzle too.
 Christmas morning!
 Eddie just cared about getting his morning ba.
 Spiderman had a pretty good day.
 And Cad got some squeaky squirrels to remind him of the good ol' days when he had real squirrels to chase in Tulsa.
 After a morning baba, Edison got in on the action.

 Jenni and Lindsay were here around Christmas so we checked out the new pioneer park.

Ollie played with cousins all week and loved life!

 Edison turned 6 months old!

 Am I a doll or a baby?

Starting to roll around and get himself into a little bit of trouble.
 On Tuesdays you can find us at Cafe Rio for tacos!
 This isn't the last time that fat foot has been stuck in the crib slats, just the first time it happened.
 Blessed sleep!

 I don't know where the teeniest 6 pound baby went, I think Eddie ate him.

 We got sad news that Grandpa Stephenson passed away mid January.
 We drove up to St. George to celebrate his long faithful life with family we see way too little.

 These three cousins act like kids when they get back together.

The St. George temple is one of our favorites, so we took the boys over to get some pics.

Jordan's parents are selling their home of 30+ years and moving to a brand new house. So they are cleaning things out. We scored this Dracula mask.

That wraps up the first three months of my neglect. Sure wish I could remember more of what we were up to, but unless it was pictured, it's history!
Thanks JJ for the amazing and more than capable computer - you're too kind.

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