April 14, 2018

Kite Flying Weather

It has already been hotter than we want it to be, so when we were blessed with a day still in the 70's, we put the new kite Jordan got for his birthday to good use. I thought it was way too windy, but apparently being super breezy just made the kite flying insanely easy.
Oliver was in kite flying heaven.

 Edison smiled every time he watched the kite fly in the sky.

 I'm glad it was a success and not like I had imagined Charlie Brown's experiences always end up.

 We even came home with the kite! Miracle!
Also, this week Oliver and I went to the IDEA Museum for his preschool class field trip.
The boys put on some super hero capes one morning and pretended to save the world...

I registered my Oliver for kindergarten and am not at all excited about it. It was just yesterday he was sitting in this highchair wearing this shirt.
Edison - age 9 months
Oliver - age 22 months
I wonder what age they will be when Edison becomes bigger than his big brother.

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