March 6, 2010

Why Forever In Blue?

I've been meaning to explain the reason behind the title of my blog for quite some time.
So let me tell you OUR STORY...
Believe it or not, there was once a time we weren't an old married couple. I moved into Jordan's ward when I started high school. We sat in the same Sunday School Class for 4 years & had never spoken. BUT I always had a crush on him. I thought he was so cute, but he was a year older in school & we both thought the other was "too good" for us. Jordan went on a mission (in Ecuador, by the way) & in the meantime I was doing my thing. One Sunday I overheard some other single adults in the ward saying Jordan would be coming home from his mission soon. I made a mental note: "Okay, gotta look cute at church next couple Sunday's because he'll be home soon." He came home & my plan of looking cute must have worked (Obviously - we're married) because he had a plan of his own. Jordan had spoken with the music chairperson of the ward & said he wanted to do a musical number in Sacrament meeting...a DUET & he "thinks he knew someone else in the ward who could also play the piano." So the music chairperson sought me out & asked if I would be willing to play a duet...with Jordan (the hottie) Rogers. WHAT!?!? Heck yes! So after agreeing I was approached by Jordan that he should probably come over to start practicing. After a couple practice sessions he asked me out. After that we were inseparable.
Well, almost.
Jordan was going to be headed to Provo in the fall to attend BYU. (BOO!) We spent the summer together, then packed up his truck & drove him to Utah.

(at Salt Lake Temple grounds on that heart breaking trip)

We were both tortured that entire semester. Almost 3 weeks after dropping him off, my parents drove up to Utah & I flew so I could see my love. Jordan picked me up from the airport & drove to a local park where we sat down in a spot overlooking the city. To my surprise a bunch of guys with a guitar emerged from a bush behind us & started playing a song.

My thoughts:

"Here's some guys goofing around that like to go around singing sappy songs & tease couples that thought they'd have a romantic evening at the park... I like their choice of song though... I've always liked Neil Diamond & his song Forever In Blue Jeans...Why is Jordan looking at me like that...& why is he so nervous!...Oh! ..."
& we were engaged.At our wedding dinner, they sang OUR SONG again. The rest is history. Our history.

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Alyssa <3 Owen said...

Aww what a good engagement story! Thanks for sharing!!