March 21, 2010

Fire on the Horizon

Have you ever been to Sedona, Arizona?
Beautiful. Breathtaking. Inspiring. (Busy during Spring Break.)After working at SSE for 5 years, they sent me on a vacation of my choice. Plane tickets were expensive & being under the age of 25 (barely) made renting a car expensive as well. So we knew we wanted to go somewhere we would be able to drive. Our honeymoon was spent in Sedona & we really enjoyed it, so we decided to go back. We stayed at a resort that had about 50 private cabins & ours had a hot tub on the back porch.
I miss it already. Another perk was the following design folded into everything that it possibly could be folded into (example: paper towels, towels, toilet paper, more towels). I've never seen this design before, it looks tricky & time consuming.We spent a lot of time in the hot tub, slept in late, watched t.v. & movies, went on a hike in the lovely red rocks,
ate too much (not here, I just saw this sign & thought it was awesome there's a place called La Fonda),enjoyed the perfectly chilly weather, ate some amazingly smooth fudge, drove around enjoying the scenery, drove around trying to find a parking space, & soaked it up some more in the hot tub with my soul mate.
Thank You Doctors for a relaxing vacation!!! If you have never been to Sedona, we recommend it. No place like it.

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Sharon Mae said...

Ahhhh, looks like heaven! A well deserved vacation!!