March 22, 2010

A Sunday Picnic

Jordan & I drove home from Sedona yesterday & came straight to my parents house. It being Sunday, we had dinner at my parents house & I was in charge of dessert, which is usual. However, this particular Sunday was extra special because we were celebrating several birthdays. I baked the better part of the day, which I really enjoyed, but I wandered outside into the backyard to give myself a break when I noticed how 1.) The weather is AMAZING & 2.) My parents backyard is BEAUTIFUL.
They have been working hard on it (I mean really hard - Dad has lost 20-25 lbs.) since last year when they filled in the pool. So when they got home from church I recommended we move Sunday dinner outside. All agreed & it turned out to be a really fun night.
This picture shows us sitting on the wonderful green grass where the pool was previously located making the backyard pretty much unusable. My sis-in-law with a cuddly Norbert.
Mmm...grapefruit. This made for a few sour faces.Sooo much love.The Grill Master.
We blame him for all of us eating too much. Those steaks were just too darn delicious.My brother's family has to travel from Queen Creek after they get out of church at 5 p.m. so this is usually what happens to all of his kids. Even though the gang of kids were having a fabulous time playing outdoors, the BobMan was sleeping...Zzzzzz.BobMan's sister, Liddles, was hanging out inside taking it pretty easy too with her Great Grandma.We celebrated my bro-in-law Adam (officially a T-REX), Liddles, & Jordan's Birthdays. It was Adam's actual birthday & he requested Lemon Passion Cake for his cake.It's a copycat recipe of the Macaroni Grille's dessert & man is it rich & mouthwatering! Jordan blowing out the candles on Adam's cake
He will get his own cake on Saturday. The kids love Uncle Jordy, he's a lot of fun. I thought the kids wouldn't want the Lemon Passion Cake as much as they would want Chocolate Cupcakes.Another fun activity we did that night (I didn't get pictures of) was another measuring contest. My family is a little strange & the last measuring contest we held included measuring of: hips, stomach, & bust line (men only). This measuring contest was done solely to prove the fact that Adam is a T-REX. We measured the length of arms & the circumference of heads. To no one's huge surprise Adam has short arms & the largest head out of all of us. Hmm...what has short arms and a large head...
or T-REX?
Sorry we had to do this to you on your Birthday.


Mike and Katie said...

UM, why did I not know you had a blog?!?!? I'm so glad I do now cuz I love to blog-stalk. Good idea for me to fill my time with blogging, I really should. How are you guys doing? I'd love to get together.

Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

Didn't know or hear that we were celebrating Birthday's sorry we missed it, looked like allot of fun! we some yummy desserts!

Linz said...

OH heaven. I'm talking about the cake, cupcakes, and trip to Sedona! I'm glad you guys had such a good time!