July 26, 2010

Cowardly Chicken

"Coward: One who, in a perilous emergency, thinks with his legs."
--Ambrose Bierce

The apartment is clean. Vacuumed, dusted, dishes put away, laundry ironed, bathroom sanitized, everything is in its proper place. I have done my hair & put make-up on so Jordan does not come home to a scary/crazy looking person as his wife. I know what I am going to make for dinner & am waiting until the appropriate time to start preparing it. I have some time to kill. I choose to start a new book Eat, Pray, Love. As I read I feel at one with the world because it pleasantly starts to rain. I can hear the rain & it sounds so peaceful. I open the blinds to their full capacity. I sit down & continue reading. I occasionally look up at the beautiful view, shake my head in awe at my serene surroundings.
Then...the thunder starts.
Wait, no, I was just having a perfectly peaceful afternoon, go away.
More thunder. Followed by a lot of lightening. I hate thunder & lightening. I am like the family pet, quivering legs, & on the verge of wetting myself (excuse the image, but it is true!). The lights start to flicker. I can no longer read my book. I decide the only way to get my mind off the violent storm, going on right outside my front door, is to sit at the computer & blog about it. I decide I need pictures, because blog posts with no pictures are kind of boring.
So I introduce you to the cowardly photographer - Me.
Here I sit, in my big comfy chair, reading, looking up distracted by my fear. I fear of lightening entering my home through the window & murdering me. You can't exactly see it, but it's there...in my eyes...Fear.

Looking nervously out of the blinds I was so excited to open moments earlier to get a better view of the rain - NOT the lightning...go away! Looking outside in contemplation of opening the front door to get a good shot of the rain. Am I brave enough?! Surely, I will get struck by a bolt of lightning & die...but, the blog...the people need pictures!

I open the door, vulnerable to certain death when the loudest crash of all occurs. Thunder. Darn it! It must have known I was trying to be brave. I skeedaddle out of there, but not before I got the shot.

Limbs quivering as I type. A few moments ago, I was at peace with mind, body, spirit. Now, I want to jump out of my own skin & curl up in fetal position. What a chicken - feathers all over my body!

These rainstorms in Texas are for the birds. Too bad I'm a cowardly chicken.

1 comment:

Peterson Fam said...

You are like Jodie Foster on Nim's Island! Run out of your house and around the neighborhood with your arms flapping and bocking like a chicken. I think you will be okay and if the lightening does kill you, can I have your new Texas quilt?

PS - I've been missing you. I drove out to Casa Grande with Ben to hit a great Old Navy sale...you would've had fun with me!! I wish you were around to join me!