July 12, 2010


My fabulous family came to enjoy the beautiful city of Austin with us.We did all sorts of very exciting things. We tubed down the Guadalupe River one afternoon. Luckily it was not as busy as this picture shows.
It rained a little bit on us, but just enough to make the adventure even more fun. Unfortunately, there are no pictures to document our travels down the river because none of us wanted to get our cameras wet. Good times & I hope to do it again.
After tubing the river we finally saw the
~Best Movie of the Year~It did not disappoint!

On Saturday, we did a Duck Tour. {A Duck is a vehicle made during WWII that can travel on land & in the water} It gave us a great tour of the city & its history. The University of Texas campus looks beautiful & has some very loyal fans. We got Jordan a hat so we could blend in well & look like true Texans. After seeing the sights in downtown Austin we took the plunge in Lake Austin.
The dam helps control the water levels & prevents floods from entering downtown Austin. Look at that beautiful sky. I can't get over how blue it is (no pollution cloud as found in the Valley of the Sun) & those puffy clouds...I can't walk outside without commenting on how beautiful the sky is here.
After the Duck Tour I finally made it to fliphappy Crepes. I have been trying to make it here since we arrived over a month ago. They have funky hours & Jordan & I have never made it there. The crepes are lovingly made by 2 women who are constantly being featured on Food Network & the Travel Channel. The crepes were sure tasty - - but, way too small just to have one. Live & Learn.We wanted to show everyone the Capital building & this time I remembered my camera. Again, check out the happy clouds. Can you see us?

We are 4 stories high & there are still at least 12 more stories above us [we are only allowed to go to the 4th story].Jordan in front of a picture called "Dawn at the Alamo." The Capital building is so pretty! It is 11 feet taller than the Nation's Capital building. Everything has to be bigger in Texas. A little Skip-Bo to polish off the evening...I was not having any luck & lost miserably each round. On another evening we went to a park just north of us. I have been saving an old loaf of bread for weeks so I could feed the ducks.
These snobby little ducks weren't even hungry! They didn't want my old bread - so sad.

Bringing the bread wasn't a complete failure, at least the fishies ate some of it. Jordan & Elyce happily feeding the ducks/fish.

A happy looking Daddy!
Another fun thing at the park...playing Teeter-Totter with the deck.
Totter. Must have been all that Chuy's Tex-Mex we ate.
Three times in four days sounds a little obsessive don't you think?!?
It is THAT good though.
Before Elyce & Anita headed to the airport we had to celebrate a very special 69 year old's Birthday!
Happy Birthday Big Daddy! I you more!


Peterson Fam said...

I am JEALOUS!!! Wish I could be eating, partying, shopping, and enjoying adventures with all you cool people. I'm sure you've missed me! How come Jordan is glowing in front of that Alamo picture?? Eat it up for me! Glad you took lots of fun pics!

Sharon Mae said...

Austin looks like a great place to visit! I'm looking forward to seeing it. I'm sure your family had a great time and you all made some great memories. See you next week!!!