July 22, 2010

Modeling Career

Remember how I went to the Happiest Place on Earth with my sister & her cute family at the beginning of the year?!?!I just sat down at the computer tonight thinking of those fond memories, even exclaiming to Jordan..."Do you even know how much I love Disneyland?! I would go all the time if you let me."

I was sitting down at the computer & then proceeded to check my e-mail. There was an e-mail from Disney offering discounted rates & it got me thinking even more...
I remembered how Bethany & I were walking along, dragging 3 semi-grumpy kids through the park [I think Adam was grabbing the stroller] when we were approached by a Disneyland employee. She asked us if we would be willing to ride the Storybook Land Canal Boats [the ride that goes into the whales mouth - I didn't know what it was until I saw it] & allow our pictures to be taken for the Disney website, which they were in the process of updating. We thought it would only take a moment of our precious time so we agreed. Bethany signed release papers while they made Adam de-logo himself. He zipped up his jacket to hide a Billabong logo on his shirt & removed his Quicksilver hat. Then they bought him a new hat to cover-up his hat hair. Picky, picky! It ended up being a bigger ordeal than we had originally anticipated. They moved us "models" to the front of the line [poor non-modeling people had to just standby & watch it all happen]. We rode the ride once & the photographer didn't think the boat looked full enough, so they enlisted another family. The photographer positioned us in such a way that made me a wee-bit uncomfortable. You see, she sat me next to my brother-in-law, Adam (AKA: T-Rex, see March 22, 2010 post), & Bethany was across from us with the kids.
My thoughts are as follows:
Oh, Dear...I can see it now...6 months from now, when they update the website with these new pictures...there we will be...Adam & I sitting together...looking like a couple...this outta be good.
We rode the ride a total of 3 times.
By the end of it the lady told us to check the website in June for the changes & maybe our pictures would be up.
Later, Bethany & I discussed why our little family was chosen to model out of the hundreds of people walking around. We started observing the people around us, walking to & fro, & decided there a lot of freaky looking people at Disneyland.
Never noticed? Take a gander next time you are there.
We simply looked the most normal/average/sane/G - Rated.

So here I sat tonight thinking about Disneyland when my memory was sparked to check the website. Each ride has a slide show of pictures & as I glanced at the pictures of Storybook Land I was feeling a tad let down that our pictures did not make it to the website...
When finally this came up!!!!Closer up view - - Yeah, that's me...with Lucy & Bennett!Happiest day of my life! I made it on the Disneyland website!
~Sorry Bethany, Adam, & Nora~
Only the most beautiful could make it on the website. Just kidding.
Click here if you would like to see the real deal.
Oh, & no awkwardness with Adam & I because they did not use those shots. Maybe the uncomfortableness showed on our faces. Pheew!

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Mom said...

A model perfect picture! What a fun story, you and Beans gazing adoringly at something, makes you want to run right out and purchase a vacation package to Disneyland!