November 1, 2010

Ghostly Greetings

There were lots of visitors that dropped by to celebrate Halloween with us & of course, take some Spudnuts off our hands.
I have the most creative & fun brothers & sisters.  They really go all out!  This year was no exception.  The nieces & nephews were looking adorable as always.
Let me introduce you to our visitors that evening!
I think Jesse needed to cough.  : )
Queenie has her first shiner.  : (
Lyddles Ariel!  It was so nice of her mother to make all her mermaid dreams come true.
Mr. Potato Head was also lovingly designed & made by his sweet mother.  What a cutie!
The funny thing about an infant mummy is they walk like a mummy which really adds to the costume.
Harry joined us again this year.
The picture of these next two characters hardly does them justice.  I don't know if the picture causes tears of laughter, but the real-life picture caused tears of laughter.
Enough said?
Hat's off to you Cowboy!
Laynee is such a cute little gal!
These guy's personalities are as cute as their costumes & little faces!
Alice helped pass out candy to the hundreds of trick-or-treaters.
(Beth - I think I captured a cute pic of Luey.)
Even the dog was feeling festive.
Joe looks like he is ready for blast-off
"To infinity & beyond!"
Oh, Zurg!  Not only do you look like Zurg, but you act like Zurg which makes you irresistibly kissable!
Last, but certainly not least...
"Nice ascot!"
Yours truly did not dress-up, but Jordan did!  When we were at Disneyland a big guy pushing a stroller zoomed past us.  He was wearing this shirt & we HAD to have it!
Happy Halloween!!!
P.S.  Do you like my Candycorn Cupcakes I made for the Ward Trunk-or-Treat?


willie and camie shill said...

chris and heather look just like them!

Chris and Heather said...

I need a copy of the Mummy and Hatter, and heck all of those other pics you have too! Lovin' Mom's bug eyes! Clever cup cakes.

Alyssa <3 Owen said...

Ohhh those cupcakes looks so yummy and adorable...You are so creative! I will have to copy you for next year...

Mom said...

I think you should've cropped my head out or photo chopped another head to replace this one!