December 18, 2010

Cause for Celebration

Graduation celebrations have demanded our time & attention the past few days.  Now the party is over, our bellies are full, & our bodies are tired!
On Graduation day, Jordan & I drove to ASU...him to graduate & me to watch [& save seats].
We are so appreciative of all the family who came to support our #1 Man.
Our college graduate
EXITing the stage.
His loyal fans...
On Friday night, I threw a Fiesta themed party for my Mister.
 Complete with Homemade Pinata.
Fun Fact:  A few nights ago when I was painting the pinata, my mom passed by me in the kitchen & said, "Megan, you gotta see this - come stand back & can see a face [besides the face of Jordan I added later]!"
Can you see it?
I am sad I did not get more pictures of all our fabulous guests, who came in support.  I had planned on it, but hosting a party is a little more demanding of your time & attention than I had realized.  Chris & Heather's family were the first ones to arrive & I got some pictures of their really cute "nerdy surprise."  See for yourselves...
Go Sparky!!!
I also managed to snap a shot of the madness going on in the playroom.
 I also did not get a photo of The Feast Feast Feast Feast! [Sorry I've been watching The Grinch :)]
Everything was Scrumdidlyumptious!
The Pepper Chicken Tacos with ALL the fixings.
The Refried Beans.
The Mexican Rice.
The Homemade Tamales.  [Thank you Mom, for teaching me how.]The Mexican Corn.The Salsa Bar - fit with three different delish varieties.
&, of course, The Flan!
We all had full bellies, but the party must go on!
On to the pinata, that is! 
[Thank you Bethany for grabbing my camera!]

 Is this Lucy...or...Jordan?
I told the older kids, "Give me a second to get away before you swing.  PLEASE!"
had the winning swing that finally smashed open Jordan's head, well, pinata head that is.
& it's a Free For All!
Content looking boys enjoying their loot.
Jordan got to open gifts, which was so nice of people to bring something...they certainly did not have to do that!
Fancy shoe shining set from Mom & Dad Rogers for Jordan's fancy new job.
Lucy made Jordan an extra special gift. 
To:  King Kitty
Love, Lucy
The kids call him "Kitty, Kitty Jordan" because this fall, when we were at the beach house, Bobby ran into my room one morning & noticed Jordan wasn't there.  He asked in a loud voice, "Where's that kiddy kiddy Jordan?"  The name stuck.
Back to the King Kitty envelope...inside was something she made all by herself & it impressed us all...
shaped glasses & a crown!
I can't top that. 
All I got him was the new Donkey Kong Wii game.
Oh, & I threw him one heck of a partay!
Love you, Baby!

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Chris and Heather said...

Yay Jordy! CONGRATULATIONS and remember all of us little people when you are rich and famous!