December 9, 2010

Santa Claus Makes an Entrance

Last Saturday morning I received a phone call from my fabulous sister.  She gave me twenty minutes to get myself ready so I could join her cute lil' family in having some Christmas fun.
I am so very impressed with SRP & the family fun shindigs they host.
[I have mentioned before...three of my brothers work for SRP.]
This particular shindig was the Christmas Carnival where Santa visits in an extra special fashion.
More on that later.
There was lots to do.  Our first stop was the "bear ride" at the request of Princess Nora.

I do not ride such rides.  AKA - "Teacup" rides.  Blah!  I do not wish to get re-acquainted with my breakfast, Thank You!
I will, however, ride the carousel with these three cuties.
[Lucy in background.]
[Benny on the right.]
The Princess Herself
[starring in all three photos...Nora, not me.]
I was also chosen to ride with these crazy kids on this cramped car ride.
My favorite thing to do was go through CRYSTAL LIL'S FUN HOUSE.
Not only is it fun to wind your way through...
but it is even more fun to stand back & watch [or hear] all the little heads that go WHACK when they choose the wrong path.
Lead with your hands not your heads, kiddies!
Next we rode the Ferris Wheel.
We were able to get a bird's eye view while soaring up above the tree tops...
Can you spot the familiar faces?
This picture is a little more obvious...
On the way back down I got some happy faces from Norie by shaking my finger at her & saying, "Don't show me your belly button!  I don't want to see it!"
Which she, of course, would then show me.  I love it!

My spine needed adjusted after riding the Dragon's Lair with Benny.  It was about as smooth as riding a jack hammer.
There was a huge pile of snow for the kids to "play" in.  Of course, by the term "play" I mean - get a handful of snow & throw it at their very kind & patient aunt who was left to supervise.
Lucy must have been kind of warm because she kept putting snow on her head & rubbing it on her neck...just typing that gives me the chills.
Moving on
to The Main Event...
Mr. Kringle himself
I was originally told Santa parachuted in, which did not happen.  Now that would have been the coolest entrance ever, but after thinking about it, I decided if something were to go wouldn't be very cool for all those littles to be watching Santa falling to his death, now would it. 
Good Call SRP!

I hate to admit, I was most excited about seeing this guy...
I gotta watch that movie.  The real one...with Jim Carrey.  It is my favorite. I have forgotten too many of the quotes I used to use all the time from it.  If you ever don't understand something I am saying & I am saying it in a different voice & have a smile on my's from The Grinch.
 The girls then decorated sugar cookies.
Direct quote from Lucy:  "I don't care what mine looks like, I just want it to taste good."
Lucy -
Even that much good tasting frosting is still too much frosting.
Lip-Licking good?
She thinks so.
I, on the other hand, would prefer to eat the one Nora decorated.
It was time to go home & someone wasn't very happy about it.
No, that sucker is not hers.
Yes, it was time to go home.

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Chris and Heather said...

Man we are lame! I can't believe we missed it! NEXT YEAR!