December 5, 2010

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Miss Lunie B. Jones just turned 7!
I asked her what kind of cake she wanted...
Then I asked her what she wanted the "chocolate" cake to look like...
"I know you like puppy dogs, do you want a dog cake?"
"Oh, YES!"
It turned out way better than I had envisioned!  I had lots of good suggestions from people with much more creativity than I possess.
Lucy was pleased.
She named him 'Chocolate.'
'Chocolate' tasted good too!
Nora & I admired Lucy's newly decorated room, which was a birthday present from her parents.
When all was said & done Lucy exclaimed, "This is the BEST day ever!!!"
Happy Birthday Goose!

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Sharon said...

That's one adorable puppy cake!! Lucy must have loved it. Great job, Auntie!