March 12, 2011

Pie Safe-Makeover Edition

I have been sanding.  I have been cleaning and polishing.  I have been sawing & hacking (which resulted in an 'Oops' moment involving my fingers).  I have been priming.  I have been picking out paint colors.  I have been picking out better paint colors.  I have been painting.  I have been antiquing.  I have been varnishing.  I have been picking out & installing new hardware.  And finally after carrying it up a flight of is complete!


the Majesty!
{Too much?}

It wasn't easy & believe it or not the worst part was picking out the paint color.
That is the WORST!
Why does it have to be so stinkin' hard?!?
Anyway, if picking out the paint color hadn't been the hardest part, then cleaning up the tin would have been.  Check it out...
on the left is dirty filth {minus small spot at the top where I had cleaned it up} and on the right is cleaned & cleaned some more. Then spit & shined.
Here it is all primed & ready for some paint {it was in this stage for quite some time while I wrestled with some paint colors}.
Painted before antiquing.
Antiqued & varnished.
And finally it is at its final resting place in the dining room.
I can't wait to fill up my new pantry!
{& I will, as soon as I scrub some leftover paint residue from the tin. I love scrubbing the tin.}


Elyce said...

Looks great. What now?

Holly said...

Wow! You are amazing. I have a china hutch to tackle someday but not today.

Mom said...

Fabulous! I'm so proud of you! I know the amount of labor involved to make such a transformation so I appreciate it all the more, good job!

Sharon said...

Very NICE! You take after your talented Mama!

Elisabeth said...

Looks great Megan!