March 3, 2011

A Work In Progress

Last weekend, I planned a date with my Aunt Kathy & Cousin Lindsay. 
A Saturday full of antique shopping.  It was a good day & I managed to find a truck load full of treasures.
We needed a desk & that was my first priority.  In the back of my mind I wanted to find a large cupboard to serve as a 'pantry.'  I had my heart set on what is called a 'pie safe' or 'jelly cupboard.'  They sell for $800 - $1,000 on eBay & I am not forking out that kind of dough so when I saw this
in one store for $175, I thought "Are you outta your mind? SOLD!!!"
Thank heavens I only thought this & didn't say it out loud because my luck got even better & the lady that managed the store said she'd give it to me for 90 Bucks!
"SOLD!!!" [Out loud this time.]
Now, before you think I'm outta my mind, I know it needs some tender loving care, & that is why this post is called "A Work In Progress."  I've been painstakingly restoring it, so it may be beautiful & when it is finally finished, I will for sure be blogging about it. 
I did find a desk.  This is the bottom
& this is the top [Jordan let a co-worker borrow his drill, so we are waiting to put them together.]
It will be fabulous!
Other great finds of the day included:
A small table - - eventually will go in a bathroom, serving as my nightstand for the time being.
A chair - - I love everything 'Rooster.'
& some wall art - - I loved the water color swan the moment I saw it & had to have it.
I decided I was going to start a collection of 'Ship' pictures & put them above my couch.  The memory I have [besides Vanilla Wafers] of my Grandma & Grandpa Shill is looking at their collection of 'ship' pictures.  I loved it then & I will love it now.
antique shopping in Oklahoma.
Reasonable prices & always some great finds.
Now, I've got to go work on my Pie Safe / Pantry Cabinet so I can it to you all!


Chelsea said...

I want to come antique shopping with you in Oklahoma!!!! LOVE your treasures you found. We have some similar tastes! Can't wait to see your Pantry Cabinet when it's all finished!
I finally got my kitchen hutch moved into the house and LOVE I just can't figure out what to put in it! I'll post some pics soon...

Mom said...

Adorable!!! Love your new wallpaper post!

Cindy said...

WOW!! you are industrious!! Cant wait to see the finished products!!
Glad to see that you are adjusting well to life in OK. Im glad I found your blog Megan!! It'll be fun peeking in to see what and how you are doing!! Good luck!!