March 9, 2011


In celebration of my
I thought I would compose a list of 100 Things I've Learned Since the Birth of Forever In Blue Jeans:
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1.  I can remember the last 20 months of my life.  Keeping a journal is very wise indeed {especially} for the forgetful.
2.  We enjoy going on vacation.  We have been on many in our four years of marriage.
3.  I find joy in baking & have found I have a knack for it.
4.  It is possible to love every day of your life.  Even 91 years worth of days. 
5.  Birthdays should include loved ones and cake.
6.  I am more creative than I thought and have a highly toxic amount of patience when it comes to PhotoShop.
7.  I love comments.  From others.  They make me happy.  {Thank YOU!}
9.  I learned how to custom make the little emoticon up in the website bar (Do you see it?  It's the tiny pair of jeans next to
10.   Music soothes me.  I love me a good song .
11.  When most people complain on a long, trying hike...I am surprisingly peppy [much to my fellow hikers dislike].
12.  The Bellagio fountains are breathtakingly fabulous!
13.  You can forever change the lives of children {young and old} by opening your and your home.
14.  My Dad's favorite cake is Chocolate with Chocolate Frosting and Nuts.
15.  Dangerous waves are the best kind of watch.
16.  I am spoiled.  I already knew this, of course, but it was reaffirmed.
17.  Making pie is as 'easy as pie'.  You just have to have a few tricks up your sleeve to pull it off.
19.  The Peterson Family has a crazy absurd amount of stuffed animals.
20.  My husband is an oober nerd.
21.  I am a kid at .  I love visiting the Zoo and I love visiting Disneyland.  I also love Adult-Sized jungle gyms and jumpy castles.
22.  I am always up for watching a movie.
23.  I learned how to make my very own Hello Kitty cupcake wrappers.
24.  I have amazing sisters.
25.  I have amazing brothers
26.  I learned how to make a homemade piƱata.
27.  Dogs are man's My Best Friends.
28.  Growing up has its upsides & downsides.
29.  I am obsessed with the movie Mulan.
30.  My father-in-law does not like heights.
31.  Beninem has got talent.  ♪ ♫ Serious talent.
32.  Austin, Texas has the most mouthwatering deliciously wonderful food on the planet Earth.
33.  I am a chicken.  Thunder storms scare me What the heck am I going to do when there are tornado warnings!?!
34.  Jordan says funny things like "Ooff"
 and "Like a minx"
when he is excited about something.
35.  Texas is dreamy and if people were smart they would all live there.
36.  I learned how to pose like a model and make it on the Disneyland website.
38.  If I had it my way, I would eat pancakes several times per week.
39.  Bad days are inevitable, but nothing nephews & nieces can't fix .
40.  Outer Space leaves me with a feeling of Awe.
41.  If I had to pick somewhere to live, I think I would pick San Antonio, Texas.  San Antonio = Heavenly.
42.  I miss LOST.
43.  Silly string is a cheap way to find amusement.  However, it is short lived.
44.  Making human pyramids is piles of fun. 
45.  I love the feeling I get when I am reminded of the freedoms my loved ones and I enjoy every day.  We can all be a little more patriotic.  {Except you, Grandma, you were the perfect amount of patriotic.}
46.  I love tradition!  Be it Easter, Christmas, or Halloween.
47.  T-REX's have short arms and large heads.  So does my bro-in-law.
48.  Hot Tubs on the porch are the BOMB!
49.  The Coke at Disneyland must be lovingly made by all the Disney characters.
51.  I am capable of moving across the country...and survive.
52.  I don't necessarily have to have talent, just be determined.
53.  Flying First Class means you will be very well taken care of.
54.  The Simpson's will forever be my favorite television show.  It is extra special when I watch it with my easily amused/giggly husband.
55.  Sunday dinner is best when served in the backyard on a freshly laid green lawn.
56.  My husband worked his booty off to work through college & get outstanding grades & I learned that he really is a hard worker.
57.  It is next to impossible to 'herd cats', but I know a very special couple that do it every day.
58.  Tim & Holly make super adorable babies {a lot of them too, I might add} & I would appreciate it if they would hand one over.
59.  Meeting lots of family for a late night run for ice cream is really fun.
60.  R2D2 is afraid of haunted houses.
61.  We like sushi!!!
62.  Re-creating Grandma & Grandpa Perkins Fish Fry's is always a good idea.
63.  Sometimes you learn to love the thing you hate the most.
64.  I have worn many beautiful dresses & several not so beautiful dresses.
65.  German Chocolate Cake is my favorite kind of cake.  Especially when eaten with a tall glass of milk.
66.  Everything is BIGGER in Texas.
67.  Antique shopping in Oklahoma is way more fun than Arizona. Things are cheaper. I actually have a little extra spending $...Oklahoma is missing my mom though.
68.  I learned how to customize my font for post titles & the date on my blog.  Seriously, an accomplishment.
69.  I learned a lot about my family & friends who blog.  I appreciate them putting in the effort to keep us all connected.
70.  I can decorate a puppy dog cake.
71.  Hail storms are destructive, but fun to watch.
72.  Marriage means constantly learning.
73.  I look like Jim Carrey.  Well, Jim Carrey as Dick Harper.
74.  You are never too old to play in the sand.
75.  True loss.
76.  Some trees are as big as a house.
77.  Tortilla chips can be made thinner than anything I've ever had in Arizona.  Genius...and delish!
79.  Use caution when there are too many people on one dinky little dock.
80.  I like to drive golf carts.
81.  Spend an evening in the dark, on a bridge, with a hoard of people, & see absolutely nothing.  Not a single bat.
82.  Painting parties are overrated.
83.  Girls Nights Out are necessary if I ever want to see another chick flick.
84.  Wicked is as good as everyone says it is.
85.  Record amounts of snow can keep an entire state shut down for 48 hours.
86.  I am pretty much as blessed as someone can be.
87.  I have a very creative family when it comes to Halloween costumes. What happened to me?  I think every party needs a pooper?
88.  If you are ever within 100 miles of a Pinkberry, GO!
89.  It is possible for me to enjoy a basketball game.
90.  St. George sunsets are gorgeous.
91. In bad storms, it takes 16.5 hours to drive from Mesa to Denver.  
92.  A countless amount of hours can be spent on the computer.  Time just gets away from you.  5 p.m. rolls around & you realize you never ate breakfast or lunch.
93.  Turning 25 makes you feel old.
94.  Jordan makes a really cute cow.
95.  Lucy is very artistic.
96.  Halloween doughnuts are the tastiest treat.
97.  Old record players make an amazing sound.
98.  Flying for free really is as terrific as it sounds.
99.  Santa Claus ditched his sleigh & got a helicopter.
100.  Blogging is a healthy outlet & a way for me to express myself.

I celebrated my blogging accomplishments by making a
Coconut Cream Pie
& eating {most} of it. 
Thanks for joining me on this trip down Memory Lane & I sincerely hope you stay for the next
one hundred


Elyce said...

Very cute. You are so creative.

Mom said...

Woo Hoo! Thanks for the new post that reminds me how much I love you and sadly how much I miss you! Great memories, remembered with some good music, love you!

Linz said...

Wow Megan! Great post! You make me want to blog!

Elisabeth said...
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Elisabeth said...

Awesome! Loved reading this. I probably could comment on about 50 of the 100 things, but that would take up too much comment space :) I'm jealous of the antique shopping in OK and your pie making skills. I made coconut cream pie this week and mine doesn't look nearly as delicious. Oh and I'm really jealous of your free flights. I guess that means you guys are going to have to come visit us in CA sometime in the future ;o) If coming to see us isn't a good enough reason, I should tell you -- we have 3 Pinkberry locations within 20 miles of us!
Haha, love you guys! Glad things are going well for you!

Holly said...

I can't believe how many things you have in common with Tim. I think that many of those same things would be on his 100 list. I MISS YOU! I wish I was a better sister and called you more!

Mom said...

Kids are in bed so I took a walk down "Memory Lane" and went back to look at and read all 100 blogs. They make me smile.

Cindy said...

What a fun post Megan!! I know you better now!!! Thanks

Mom said...

Oh, one more thing, I want a piece of that pie!

Sharon said...

Me, too! That looks just as good as everything else you've made that I've been lucky enough to eat!

Tim said...

I am impressed that you got 100 things in for this. Does Adam know about his picture?