April 2, 2013

An Arkansas Easter

We were able to make the drive to Arkansas to be with friends this Easter.
Jordan's childhood buddy lives there with his wife & two little girls.  We weren't sure if we would be able to come...first with the car accident & second with Ollie being sick.
We were very lucky & blessed that the whole car thing has moved along quickly. The driver at fault finally owned up to running the red light & that made things move along. We have a rental car while they figure out the amount of damage done to my car (pretty sure it's totaled). Anyway, so that just left Ollie being sick, but on Sunday he only had a minor runny nose so we decided to make the two hour drive to be with friends & enjoy a nice dinner. Of course, I did not take any pictures to document the good time (I was too busy eating).  
We did get some pictures of Ollie on Saturday though...keep in mind, the boy was not feeling very well (one of the pics really showcases that fact) & also, to be truthful, I am no photographer & Jordan is not a very good assistant. On that note, Happy Easter!
{Believe it or not that is the best picture...lame, I know.}
The other BEST picture...
Yeah, Happy Easter, anyway!
P.S. I did have a little fun while Easter shopping, meet Olivia...

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