April 26, 2013

Easily Entertained

We are easy to entertain in this house.  We don't require much. When Jordan decided to mow the lawn, for example, I knew it meant entertainment for all.

The weather was beautiful & we were all loving the fresh air.

Other things that entertain us??? 
Cadbury Bodgerson.
Also known as:
Raspberry Rodgerson
Grubby {pronounced Grooby}
Grucifer {you know, like Lucifer}
Cadleberry Brunchies
Diablo Blaco
Check out the squirrel "hunting path."
 It goes from the doggy door, around the pecan tree, then around the deck. Which I guess the path around the deck should be called the bunny "hunting path."
 Those areas are so worn because they are frequently traversed by our obsessed Gru.
When indoors, he entertains us in different ways. Like when The Ball gets stuck under the couch. Just out of reach for those stubby white paws. {Do not judge me by the layer of dust under the couch, I have since taken care of it.}
 Do you see the longing in those glowing eyes? Can you taste it? He whines & bats at it until one of us gives in and gets it for him.
This video sums up the torment...
We love you Cadbury, or as we often refer to you, Badbury.
Thanks for the "cheap" [I definitely wouldn't describe owning a dog as cheap, by the way] entertainment.
Oh, & Jordan, the lawn looks fabulous. Good job & Thanks!


Mom said...

I love your blog! So fun to see your pictures and read you comments. I loved seeing Cadbury entertaining you all. Give him and Ollie hugs from grandma!

Sharon said...

Miss you all, Cadbury, too! Loved your visits and can't wait to have you all together for a few days this summer. Love y'all!