April 30, 2013

Sleepy Boy

I have mentioned before how much I love going into Oliver's room before I go to bed to check on our little sleeping angel. I just love the sleeping positions he prefers over "the normal," sleeping on his back.
His sleep position of choice:

Booty - high in the sky. Face - smooshed into the mattress.
that sweet boy!
In other news, we had a road trip this weekend to Oklahoma City to check out a new car. We really liked it.  In some cases LOVED it {ahem, Jordan} & will be headed back tomorrow to pick it up! On our way, we stopped by a little BBQ joint we have missed since our Austin days. Rudy's
Tulsa - you really need to get yourself one of these!

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Mom said...

Give that cute, bum in the air, sleepin' boy, hugs and kisses from his grandma!