May 10, 2013

Shopping With Ollie

Last weekend we had planned on purchasing plants & getting things planted. After all, it is MAY!!! We have been busy & this was finally the weekend we were going to get to it. Well, to our surprise, it was FREEZING all weekend. Ollie bundled up for the trip to Lowe's.
He didn't complain, but I sure did! Needless to say, Jordan got the plants planted without me & Ollie's help. The other day, Ollie & I got out & went to our favorite get out of the house spot...Target!  This octopus made it home with us because it was just too cute to pass up.
Now we just have to convince Cadbury it is not his.
Ollie is such a good little shopping buddy. I don't think he has ever complained when out & about. We scored us a winner.
By the way, somehow I forgot about the 'standing' phase of a child's growth. I expected, after crawling, I had until about 12 months old before I had to worry about walking. Well, in between there is standing. Duh, right?
I cringe every time he wobbles & I know it is just a matter of time until he catches himself on his face. :(

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Natalie Mason said...

I love the octopus!