May 17, 2013

Ten Months

We have reached the double digits people! 

What happened to my 6 lb. 7 oz. baby?!?
This boy is into everything! He loves climbing into tight spots... much as he loves to be rescued when things don't work out.
He also loves getting into his high chair at meal times. NOT! He gets over it quickly though & enjoys making a mess of his breakfast, lunch, & dinner.

Ollie doesn't watch t.v. {thank goodness for that}, but the one exception to the rule is Spongebob {seen 'Photo Bombing' this pic}.
Ollie LOVES the Spongebob Squarepants theme song. He drops whatever he is doing, crawls quick like a bunny rabbit over to the t.v. and watches. As soon as it is over (the theme song that is) he continues along his merry way. Observe...
 Craning his neck to get a good view...

and then continues playing with a smile on his face as soon as it's over.
This kid 
also loves Cadbury. 
Together they are mischief.

A lot of raspberries {not the fruit} are blown around here by this little cutie.
He believes his crib is no longer for sleeping, but made for standing.

Oliver is very social. He loves to be around others & loves to go with mom to her chiropractor visits {dang car accident} to hang out with all the front office girls.  
They love him equally, so everyone is happy {especially mom who gets massages twice a week!!}.  They posted this photo on their facebook page. {see here}
Ollie likes to look at pictures of himself. Here he is going through pictures on dad's iPhone...
We get it Ollie, we like to look at pictures of you too!

Now quit growing up so fast!


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Mom said...

With all those smiles it looks like it's been a happy ten months! What a cute, fun, little guy! I miss him!