May 22, 2013


At 10 months old, we finally have some brand new teeth that have begun to emerge from that gummy smile!
Look closely...
Ollie is VERY excited about it!
I don't want to jinx myself, but instead of sleeping worse {due to teething} he has been sleeping in until 9 a.m
This morning he even woke up at 9:20! I am one lucky mama!
It has been super nice because this mama has had a cold. :(
So we have been doing a lot of relaxing around the house. 
Cadbury has been gloomy due to the weather. 
Being stuck indoors is not something this dog enjoys. We pass the time though. ;)
And in iPhone picture randomness...Ollie's cowlicks!
They are perfectly center on his BIG round head & go in opposite directions. Aren't they perfect/precious!?!
We LOVE this cute little puppy dog!

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Mom said...

I don't know how many different ways I can say ADORABLE but he is. Love his big smiles and his big eyed I'm a puppy dog look. xoxo