May 23, 2013

Close to Home

It is wild that we live 1.5 hours away from Moore, OK and while they experienced total devastation from a chart-topping tornado on May 20, Tulsa didn't receive hardly even a raindrop.  Let me point out that Tulsa lies directly northeast of Moore/Oklahoma City and tornadoes here move in that exact direction. 
What happens is storms always look huge & scary southwest of us, then miraculously they lose steam right as they approach Tulsa AND go right around us. It is crazy. I know there are quite a few "legends" as to why this happens. Whatever the reason, I am SO Grateful!
Sidenote:  We actually just recently drove through Moore on our way to look at our new car {we purchased it in OKC}. To get to Rudy's {where we had lunch} we drove the part of the I-35 South that was damaged.
Our thoughts & prayers are going to those affected by the tornadoes. Today, I had another chiropractor visit. The front office girls are so wonderful and they always watch Ollie during my appointments. I noticed before my appointment on their facebook page that they were going to be headed to Moore with some supplies and if patients wanted to drop off wipes, diapers, gloves, water, or small hand tools they would take them. Ollie wanted to help so we brought what we could.  A few minutes ago I noticed this picture on their facebook page...
"Thanks sweet Oliver for helping the children in Moore!! From one baby to another :)"
It made me laugh. I hope it makes you laugh too. And we especially hope it helps the victims.
Have you seen this video?...
It warms my .

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Mom said...

We are so glad your little family has been saved from experiencing tornadoes. Our prayers have been answered. You are always a sweet example of giving and sharing. Thank you.