September 4, 2013

A Trip to Brahm's

In Tulsa, they do not have Dairy Queen {ONE, count them, ONE just opened up, but we have lived here for almost three years with NO Blizzards}.
- - BUT, we do have BRAUM'S.
BRAUM'S has some amazing ice cream and they are about as common here as McDonald's. {Probably more if I really think about it.} Anyway, anytime someone comes to visit we take them to BRAUM'S  Not only is it super delish - - but it is as cheap as it gets! I think it is like a dollar and some change for a HUGE scoop of ice cream IN a waffle cone. So we made a trip last night - - and I think the little man in the back seat enjoyed his laps of German Chocolate ice cream. {My moms VERY favorite. We may or may not eat it almost every night when she is in town. ;) }
{Take a look at those beefy legs!}
Thanks BRAUM'S for filling our ice cream needs...for they be plenty!

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