September 30, 2013

America's Funniest Home Videos

One afternoon, we were coming home from a nice walk when we ran into our neighbors coming home from work. We got to chatting, and then we started talking about the swing he had just installed for their little girl {3 months younger than Oliver}. She, apparently, is terrified of the swing, but Ollie enjoyed himself. He was smiling from ear to ear, so Jordan decided to get a video...
A classic America's Funniest Home Videos video. Our families grew up watching AFV and I think it is worthy of being sent in, but being on the blog will have to do.
Here is the video Jordan meant to get the first time around.
Thanks Brent & Briana for sharing the swing with us! Jordan ended up getting a swing of his own, but due to the lack of horizontal branches in our backyard, it is kind of a crazy swing {not nearly as nice and smooth of a ride as Brent's}. It is lopsided, crooked, and skewed. See for yourself...
BUT, Ollie loves it just the same.  :)

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