September 3, 2013

Mo Swingy

When my niece Lucy was just a little tyke she LOVED being pushed in the swing by Grandpa {anyone, for that matter} & she would yell, "Mo swingy! Mo swingy!"
Last night, we took Ollie to the park to swing. I think he was pleased.

Oh, man - I think I have the CUTEST baby boy in the world! Last weekend, I gave Ollie my very first haircut {not his first haircut, MY first haircut}. I think I did a pretty good job and he was quite pleasant throughout the experience so I think we are in business. 
{It's hard to see those fine blondie hairs, but this was the post-haircut pic. You can see it better in the swing pics.}
AND last night, I caught these two being ridiculous...

Seriously, they are SO in love with each other. I am constantly rolling my eyes at this morning I found him making himself comfortable on the couch.
Oh, brother!

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Mom said...

Good job little mother on the haircut! Loved seeing that cutest, baby, boy enjoy the swing so much! It must run in the family! A far cry from the torture you put him through getting the car washed. It is also nice to see Jordan and Cadberry enjoying time together!