October 28, 2013

Out of Retirement

My grandma sewed many, many quilts for her loved ones with this old sewing machine.
She had A LOT of grandchildren and all of us have one {I have several} of her quilts. Even Ollie ended up getting one! She had so many "extras" that even after she passed, my little Oliver got one of Grandma Perkins quilts.
I had leftover fabric from making Jordan's Man Quilt, that I decided to ALL ON MY OWN {without my mom's supervision} make Ollie a Little Man Quilt using Grandma's old sewing machine that I gratefully inherited. It has sat in my spare bedroom for three years, pretty much unused. {Except when my mother-in-law comes to visit. She puts it to good use. But it has been unused by me.} So, grandma you made hundreds of quilts with this old sewing machine for those you loved, and now I have made one for someone I love
I am grateful for my mom, who took the time to teach me how to accomplish such a worthy task. I am grateful for my grandma for leaving me with all the tools needed to complete this labor of love. She left me, with sewing needles, quilting needs, thread, a sewing machine, and even the smell of her house when I open up the table . I have felt nearer to her these last few days & I am grateful for her company. I know she would be proud.


Mom said...

That makes me happy and I know that it makes Grandma happy too! I remember when Grandpa bought that sewing machine for her... at the time it was probably the most expensive single item she owned. She loved sewing on it and it served her well for many years, right up till the end of her life. She is very glad to know you wanted it and are putting to good use, one of her most prized possessions!

Briana Shepley said...

Love, love, love everything about this!